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The Plasma skin tightening is the only is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to eliminate excess skin. This non-surgical treatment offers low risk, minimal down time and is more affordable than surgery. Plasma skin tightening is known for its successes with non-surgical eye lifts, skin tag removal, tummy tightening, stretch marks, neck lift, treatments and so much more giving customers amazing results. The treatment itself is straight forward. To ensure comfort, a local anaesthetic cream is applied for 30/40 minutes before commencing the procedure. You can expect a small amount degree of swelling especially the eye area which will go down 3/4 days. Tiny circular scabs form at each treatment point and they take about 3/4 days to start falling away but will generally take around a week to 12 days to clear. You will be sent home with aftercare to minimise infection risks. Once the skin is healed you will be left with more youthful radiant skin. How long does it last ? The results from this treatment are permanent, so you would only usually need one treatment to achieve great results. If you want to however get a stronger result, the treatment can be repeated after three months. Because of its permanency, you will only need to repeat it if required further down the line as we generally age...……....areas suited for this treatment upper and lower eyes, neck, jowls, lines and wrinkles, décolletage, crows feet ,stretch marks...………………..TAP ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

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